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Ashes, urns and Amazing Options July 7, 2016

Final services have certainly changed throughout the years. What were once, solemn, stoic, quiet gatherings have progressed to meet the individual’s and family’s needs. Families have taken on the responsibility of more personalized services, making them unique celebrations of a person’s life. This seems to be more meaningful to all, and often leads to laughter as guests remember amusing stories and fond memories. For many, this is a very comfortable option when planning final services.

The changes in final services haven’t just been limited to traditional funerals. Cremations have become increasingly popular. Today, more than half of all funerals involve a cremation. But they too are evolving.

Traditionally, a cremation would involve a service, and then the cremains would either be returned to the family, buried or otherwise disposed of. Today, even these traditions are evolving. There are more and more options for a loved ones to dispose of ashes or even to have turned into a keepsake. Let’s take a look at some exotic choices available today to remember a loved one.

Eternal Reefs – Having ashes scattered at sea has always been a popular choice for some. Eternal Reefs combine a cremation urn, ash scattering, a burial at seas and a permanent environmental tribute. Contact us to learn more about this environmentally friendly option.

Bullet Cremation Urns – Bullet cremation urns hold a small amount of cremains of a loved one in what is often turned into a necklace or other piece of jewelry. These are particularly meaningful for the ashes of an avid sportsman, law enforcement officer, or even those who may have serve in the military.

Art Glass – Art glass is a beautiful option to share the memory of a loved one. Art glass can be formed into a necklace or an art piece for display in a home. Each piece is custom made and worth the 6 to 8 weeks it can take to create it.

Jewelry – Today, cremains can be included in almost an unlimited amount of jewelry designs. Choose from crosses and cherubs to dolphins and hearts. These keepsake pendants can be discretely worn in any situation. Ask to see our wide selections of beautiful and meaningful option.

Bio Urns – Bio urns are biodegradable containers that can be planted at the base of a newly planted tree. This is an exception way to celebrate the life of a loved one with a lasting tribute.

Unique Space Burial Services – Yes, it is true. You can arrange for a symbolic sampling of a loved one’s ashes to be sent into space. There are even choices of having remains placed in Earth orbit, returned to earth, or ultimately sent to the moon.

At Fares J. Radel, we consider it our mission to created respectful final services that meet the needs of our individual clients. Some are straightforward and traditional. Others wish to push the boundaries of modern services. If you would like to discuss final arrangements, please contact us. We have been pleased to serve generations of families in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky since the late 1800s.