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What to Know About Estate Planning

For some, “estate planning” means sitting in an attorney’s office for hours going through complex legal issues. Others view it simply as preparing a will. The reality is it includes a financial accounting of your assets and what you would like to see happen to them upon your death. This…...

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What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

Do you have enough life insurance? How much is enough? Does everybody need life insurance, and why is it valuable? Most people learn about life insurance from a life insurance agent or salesperson, who just may have an interest in how much life insurance is purchased. Here, however, we want…...

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Why Life Insurance Is Such a Good Idea

  At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes, we consider it part of our service to make a challenging experience more comforting. From your first contact with us through following up on services, our caring staff will help you through this difficult time. We have found that there are two things;…...

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Financial Planning for Final Expenses Means Peace of Mind

Financial planning is an important part of life, whether it is building a college fund for your children, or saving for your retirement. There is great confidence and peace of mind in knowing that funds are in place for all of life’s needs. One area of financial preparation that even…...

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