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Six Misperceptions to be Aware of When it Comes to Funerals

There have always been misperceptions about funerals and the funeral home industry. Although more information is available today than ever before, some of these misperceptions persist. Here are six misperceptions that people still have about funerals. 1. To Pre-Plan a Funeral You Have to Pre-Pay for a Funeral. Many people…...

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Grief Relief: You Have Options

We all experience grief in our individual ways. Even when death is anticipated, the final realization can be overwhelming. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes, we fully understand the challenges of handling grief. Our caring staff is ready to help you with the tools and resources to assist you through…...

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Social Media and the Affect on Announcing the Death of a Loved One

There was a time when people wouldn’t learn of the passing of a relative or friend until long after a burial. Communications improved with the invention of the telegraph when messages could then be communicated long distances and then sent by a paper transcription delivered to an individual. Of course,…...

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Why “Celebrations of Life” are Growing in Popularity

We often get inquiries from families who are struggling with the fact that a loved one wanted a “party” and not a traditional wake in the event of their death. The family’s struggles come from the fact that they are grieving, yet want to honor the wishes of their family…...

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Where Did Funerals Come From?

Funerals have always held a fascination for some people. Funeral traditions around the world range from the macabre to the celebratory. There is actually a National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas that showcases the history of funerals in this country. But funerals were carried out long before the…...

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