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Meaningful Memorial Ideas for Veterans May 11, 2023

Veteran Memorial

The loss of a veteran can be particularly painful. Whether they served for a few years or spent an entire career in the military, it frequently became a meaningful part of their lives. If a loved one was a veteran, it is completely appropriate and perhaps important to recognize that service in a memorial service. Here are a few ideas to help you with the planning process:

Set Up a Display of Memorabilia

Include items like an old military uniform, medals and commendations in a tasteful, neat display.

Title and Label the Display

Include the years of service, branch of the military, and bases where they were stationed. If there are particularly meaningful medals, they too should be labeled and displayed too.

Create a Photo Display or Collage

Make it easy for those attending to visually see your loved one in service to their country. This could also be done through a video slide show that automatically plays during the memorial. Background music could be from the period in which they served or mildly patriotic.

Include a Flag

Obviously, it is important to include an American flag as part of their memorial display.

Keep Military Service in Balance

While you also want to recognize military service, you want to keep their service in perspective to the rest of their lives. There should be a difference between a memorial for someone who served two years stateside and someone who served several tours in combat.

Provide a Personalized Guestbook

Leave visitors a place to leave messages and express heartfelt sympathy.

Contact Veterans Organizations

Depending on the situation, your loved one may qualify for a flag presentation or other military salute. Our team at Faares J. Radel can help guide you to available resources.

We all have anchors in our lives. For some, it may be a lifelong passion for a sports team, a commitment to a college, a family, or a hobby. For some, military service serves as that anchor. It is important such anchors are recognized in any memorial.

If you are relatively new to the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area or do not have a “home” for final services, we invite you to learn more about us. We’ve been serving families throughout the region for over 125 years. We assist families in preparing deeply religious final services, celebrations of life, and unique ways to recognize the lives of loved ones. We can provide guidance in an immediate need or can assist you on a path for pre-planning.

Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory offers a full range of services, from traditional final services and burial to cremations. Our team is professional, caring, and compassionate. We would be proud to assist you.


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    Mike Jeffirs says

    Thank you for providing such meaningful memorial ideas for veterans. It’s important to recognize and honor their service in a thoughtful and respectful manner. The suggestions of setting up a display of memorabilia, creating a photo display, including a flag, and keeping military service in balance are all excellent ways to pay tribute. The personalized guestbook and reaching out to veterans organizations are thoughtful touches as well. Your commitment to helping families during difficult times is truly appreciated.

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