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The Multiple Purposes of a Funeral Service September 23, 2016


Some people, when pre-planning a funeral service for themselves, will fail to realize the full purpose of a funeral service. They may not want friends or family to be inconvenienced with an extravagant funeral service. They may not want funds spent or “wasted” on a funeral. They may not even want people to “fuss” over them showing their last respects. If you are considering making your own funeral arrangements, knowing the full purpose of a funeral can help you from keeping loved ones to move on with their lives after you pass. You should consider the following.

  • You need to remember that your funeral is not just for you. We know that may not be simple to understand, and even a bit presumptuous, but a funeral service is mainly for your friends and family. While you have every right, and should, let your wishes known, you should give them an opportunity to properly say goodbye and grieve.
  • A funeral service provides support for those close to you. A funeral service lets those who care about you the opportunity to come together and share joyful experiences. This is a very healing experience and allows those who love you a chance to bond. These may be people who haven’t seen each other for years or perhaps may have never met at all. This is a very valuable experience for those involved.
  • It demonstrates intellectually, that death is final. As difficult as attending a funeral service can be, it serves the purpose of demonstrating that death is final and a part of life. For those attending, it may be their first, or 20th funeral they have attended, but as a group, it helps everyone understand death is a step in life.
  • It allows a shared experience to express grief. Some may have less capability to express sorrow, love, or grief than others. A funeral service allows everyone to express their feelings without being judged. It permits the grieving to express their feelings in their own way. For many, it’s a liberating experience that shouldn’t be restrained.
  • It provides the ability to say goodbye. Almost everyone who has lost someone close has experienced the almost suspension of space and time that grief can bring. Thank goodness for the period of time during a funeral service provides to get through that period with support of those experiencing similar grief.
  • It helps those affected make the transition back to everyday life. The completion of a funeral service as permission for those who remain, to go on with life. It serves as a signal that this intense part of the grieving process is over and it is time to move forward.

Providing sufficient grieving time for those who care about you can be a great gift upon your passing. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes, we fully understand the process and how you can pre-plan a funeral that will meet your wishes, while helping those you leave behind. Contact us and let’s discuss your options.