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How Scientific and Technological Advances are Changing Funerals August 19, 2021

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Technology and science are impacting all aspects of our lives. It seems changes are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace – even final services and funerals are being affected. Some changes are subtle, some are fairly drastic. Here are some of the ways science and technology are changing how final services are being handled:

Online Research

Like this blog, more information about final planning and funerals is available online than ever before. This is a good thing in that families can get most of the answers they may be looking for on their own, before even contacting a funeral director. Today, the final planning process usually starts online. Many even start the pre-planning process online and will choose a funeral director after online research.

How Families Are Referred

In the past, many families had their “own” funeral home the family would use through the years. Many times these funeral homes had at least some religious affiliation. Today, it is just as likely a funeral home may be chosen due to online reviews or referrals as opposed to family recommendations.

Video Tributes Have Become More Commonplace

Well-produced video tributes have become increasingly popular for final services. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to get a quality produced video rather quickly and affordably.

Changes in Obituaries and How the Word of a Passing is Shared

Previously, obituaries were limited to newspapers or read on the radio. Today, more extensive obituaries with photos can be shared online. Even condolences may be shared digitally. Today, it is almost more likely you will hear of a passing through social media than a traditional newspaper obituary. Social media pages are also being used as tributes and memorials to the departed.

Streaming Final Services

Many families, especially those with family and friends spread throughout the country, are using streaming to share final services. This has also been a way to conduct final services while maintaining social distancing.

New Burial and Cremation Options

In recent years, science and technology have contributed to the expansion of options for cremations and burials. These include unique use of cremains including use in jewelry, fireworks, and even tattoo ink. It is possible to have cremains sent into space, select interactive headstones, or choose bio-cremation.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have listened to our client families for generations in fulfilling their needs. Even going back to when motorized vehicles were initially used in final services, we were one of the first to offer the service to families in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Today, from customized celebrations of life to unique personalized services, we can do it all with respect and care.

If your family has yet to select a funeral director for aftercare needs, we invite you to learn more about Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory of Greater Cincinnati.

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