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How to Turn a Funeral into a Celebration of Life July 24, 2019

One constant we have seen throughout our generations of service to the families of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area is the profound sadness that surrounds final services. There has been another constant through the years, however…change. Final services have changed, sometimes fairly rapidly, especially in recent years. One example is the widespread embracing of cremations. Another is the frequency in which families are now choosing a “celebration of life” as opposed to a traditional funeral.

A celebration of life is a less dark and somber tribute to the deceased compared to a traditional funeral. It often features photos, a video tribute, and eulogies that contain humorous and light-hearted stories. If you are considering a celebration of life when pre-planning for your own funeral or when making arrangements for another, here are some thoughts that may help.

Personalize the Services

One of the key components in creating a celebration of life is personalizing it. This can be accomplished in a wide variety of ways. The music can be chosen to reflect the likes and even personality of a loved one. Readings can be personalized to reflect the individual’s beliefs or even using a favored book or quoting a beloved movie. Photos, awards, and mementos of the loved one can be displayed. Sports play an important role in the lives of many in our area, and they can play a role in a celebration of life.

Create a Theme that Reflects the Life of the Deceased

If a loved one enjoyed horse riding, an equestrian theme may be appropriate. If they took pleasure in playing the piano, adding a piano and piano music to the services would make a nice touch. If they traveled frequently, photos and videos of their excursions would be more than appropriate. Usually, when we think of someone, we will picture them doing their favorite things. This can provide a direction for their celebration of life.

Plan a Reception

Many feel more comfortable sharing stories and laughing in a less formal situation, and a family and friends reception can help provide that atmosphere. Consider a selection of foods that may have been of favorite of the individual being honored.

Lift Spirits with Decorations, Music and Brighter Apparel

Some will go so far as to provide decorations and play lighter background music for a celebration of life. Black clothing can be replaced with brighter apparel and sad eulogies with humorous stories.

Creating a Celebration of Life

Final services have always progressed due to the wishes of the families involved. As people become more comfortable with these celebrations of life, each brings something different to these final services. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we can help you create a celebration of life that is personalized, appropriate and yet dignified. Let us help you replace deep sadness with fond memories, by planning a celebration of life from Fares J. Radel.

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