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Will This Be the Future of Burials? August 28, 2019

Will this be the future of burials

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have a long and storied history is assisting families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas through some of the most difficult periods in their lives. We have also been a part in the progress of modern funeral services, going back to being one of the first funeral homes to offer automotive transportation for final services. Through the years, we’ve been involved in the rise of popularity of cremations, celebrations of life, and in using cremains in the creation of meaningful jewelry items and the spreading of ashes in non-traditional ways. We even now consult families in their own homes, helping them through the planning and grieving process that will be personal to them.

The question we always ask ourselves is what’s next? What is the future of funerals, burials and in how we say goodbye to our loved ones? The thought may be uncomfortable for some, but progress marches on, including in the funeral industry. What will be the future of burials?

Greater Recognition of the Chemicals Used

Chemicals used to preserve bodies have made modern funerals possible by preserving the body for multiple days while awaiting burial. More frequently, however, people have become more knowledgeable in recognizing the long-term damage these chemicals may be doing to our environment, even when isolated to cemeteries. This realization is moving more toward cremation and other alternative ways to dispose of the deceased without having a negative effect on the planet.

Human Composting

While concerns of chemicals used in the burial process have led some to choose cremation, it has also led to conversations about the possibility and benefits of human composting. Yes, the term is certainly not appealing at this early stage but intellectually one can understand the logic behind the process.
Human bodies, when left to decompose, leave some very beneficial elements that can turn into and nurture the soil. Alkaline hydrolysis can completely decompose a human corpse in a natural, and a relatively short period of time. This had led to conversations about human composting, that while uncomfortable to think about now, may become as common as cremation in the not too distant future.

Space Burials

With the rapid changes we’ve seen in the privatization of the space industry, it is not hard to imagine when space burials or even scattering ashes on the moon or Mars may become affordable and even common. As funerals and final services embrace “celebration of life” attitudes and some have fireworks made of partial cremains, the next step of space burials for the average person may not be that far in the future.

Pre-Planning for the Future

The future is, of course, inevitable, and we should prepare for it. Whether you desire an elaborate celebration of life, discrete cremation, and burial or have plans to have your ashes scattered into space, at Fares J. Funeral Homes and Crematory, we can help. We pride ourselves on delivering on final wishes no matter how extensive or elaborate they may be. Contact us to discuss your plans. We will even come to your home to assist in your pre-planning. We would be honored to help you achieve your final wishes.

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