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Best Practices to Take Care of Yourself During Grief February 19, 2021

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There are plenty of resources to describe grief and how best to deal with it. The fact is, while the stages of grief may be similar, how we as individuals experience them, are far different.

Do you know what’s great about that? It makes our journeys not only unique, but generally fine. Not fine in the sense that feeling depressed or sad for lengthy periods of time is the best way to experience grief, but fine in the sense we can choose our own paths to healing.

If you are experiencing grief, here are some steps to taking better care of yourself.

  • Take a walk into nature. If you can’t take a walk along a beach or into fresh mountain air, just getting outside for a stroll can be healing. Take deep breaths and rejuvenate. Let your mind wander and appreciate what is around you. Fresh air is a remarkable healer.
  • Connect with friends and family. It doesn’t really matter if friends and family connected to you sufficiently during your immediate grief. Reach out to everyone and anyone you may miss in your life. This is particularly healing for the people who bring you joy. Talk about your feelings and reconnect.
  • Listen to your favorite music. Songs have almost a magical way of reconnecting us with our feelings and core emotions. Revisit these songs to raise your spirits. Use upbeat songs to raise your spirits and calming songs to maintain your balance. Understand the power can have in changing your emotions.
  • Join an emotional support group. It can be difficult to understand you need help, but reaching out can be liberating. Joining a group of people who know exactly what you have been through and what you are feeling can pay huge emotional dividends.
  • Read. Reading forces you to reconnect with your inner self. It can transport you to being interested in the lives or adventures of others.
  • Choose a therapist or grief counselor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking the assistance of a therapist or grief counselor. No one even needs to know you are seeking outside help. The important decision lies in seeking help if you are feeling overwhelmed. You are not the first. It is SO much better than stewing in your own grief with no end in sight. You may even feel better making the decision to get outside help.

For some, it is natural to refrain from seeking help. Most of us want to be strong and independent. At some point, however, we should accept available assistance. It can relieve so much stress and so much sorrow. The reluctance to accept help may appear to be normal but there are also steps you can take better care of yourself. Grief is normal and sadness can be expected. Take care of yourself and take the steps necessary to do so. You are far from being alone.

When you need assistance planning final arrangements, we are here to help. Contact us to discuss your situation with our caring professionals.

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