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Debunking Top Funeral Myths June 13, 2018

How we feel and what we think we understand about funerals is often outdated. We may take into account hearsay or believe what we see from old television shows or movies. The fact is, funerals are far different today than they were 100, 50 or even just 20 years ago. Here are some popular beliefs about funerals that either are partially or totally untrue.

Funerals Have to Follow a Certain Set of Rules

This is absolutely not true at all. With the exception of some legalities regarding the disposal of human remains and those families who want to follow the guidelines of a particular religion, you are pretty much in command of a loved one’s funeral. More families are recognizing this and planning final services that are much more personalized.

Funerals are Expensive

The reality is any expense that comes when you are not prepared for it can be termed as “expensive”. Funerals can be both extravagant and expensive but they don’t need to be. Certainly, large funerals that are fully catered and include add-ons like limousines, an expensive plot and casket can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is very possible to have a dignified, simple service without spending excessively.

You Can’t Have a Final Service if a Loved One Chooses Cremation

This, again, is totally untrue. Visitation and final services don’t need to be avoided because cremation was chosen. In fact, some families decide to have a viewing prior to cremation, and others may choose to have the cremains at the final service. There are more acceptable options than ever when it comes to cremation and final services.

A Funeral Should Be Depressing

If you imagine funerals with depressing organ music in the background with constant sobbing, it’s understandable. That was the atmosphere of many funerals from decades ago. Today, you are just as likely to hear contemporary jazz or some of the deceased favorites at a funeral. Families often share funny photographs on collages and create contemporary music videos that bring both tears and laughter. Many funerals have turned from focusing on the family’s sadness to the joy that the person brought to them when alive.

You Need to Have a Religious Official

If the deceased was deeply religious it can make sense to have a religious official like a Priest, Reverend or Rabbi, However, final services may also be lead by a respected family member, friend or community member.

How We Help at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory

We’ve been serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati families for over 140 years. Our family has seen the waves of change in the funeral industry and has been on the leading edge of progress. The one constant, the one common denominator is that a funeral service should be respectful of the life the loved one. Can it be themed? Absolutely. Can it be fun and celebratory? Without question. Can it be a bit irreverent? If that was the person’s nature, sure it can! The point is the walls and myths of what a funeral “should be” have been breaking down for years. Families are welcome to create final services they vision as appropriate.

If you don’t want the “standard” funeral services but are concerned about what the boundaries are, contact us. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, it is all about creating respectful services that leave people with a sense of love and even joy. We would be honored to help.

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