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Does Funeral Planning Prepare You Emotionally? November 15, 2022

Person helping someone prepare for funeral

There are many practical reasons for pre-planning a funeral. It can be a solid financial decision and it can help clear any confusion as to what your desires are for final services. What often goes underappreciated, however, are the emotional benefits of making plans ahead of time. Here is a closer look at how pre-planning a funeral can help mentally and emotionally.

It Can Help Prepare You For Death

We tend to avoid natural conversations about death and how it is actually a part of life. Death can be difficult to discuss and is deeply personal. Pre-planning allows us to take a bit more practical approach and make thoughtful decisions. Pre-planning provides some insulation for what otherwise may be very difficult decisions. In short, it can help you come to terms with death on a timeline that is comfortable for you.

It Brings Peace of Mind

We hear it time and time again. “If I realized how much peace of mind pre-planning would give me, I would have done it years ago.” Pre-planning your funeral may be the ultimate bucket list item and can provide exceptional peace of mind, knowing that your final services will be handled the way you desire them to be.

Relieves Stress from Loved Ones

Part of that peace of mind comes from knowing your pre-planned funeral eliminates many of the stressful decisions that may otherwise be placed on your loved ones. It is truly a loving gift for those left behind.

It Can Bring Families Closer Together

Pre-planning can open up discussions that may otherwise be put off until too late. It opens up pathways to discuss choices that range from traditional burials to cremation and even who should speak at final services and favorite songs. This can bring emotional comfort to everyone.

Pre-Planning Can Prevent Arguments, Hard Feelings

When you pre-plan your final services, there should be little doubt as to your wishes. This can prevent some otherwise long-lasting and damaging hurt feelings and miscommunication. This is an invaluable emotional benefit.

While there are important financial and practical benefits to pre-planning a funeral, the emotional benefits should not be overlooked. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we will be honored to talk to you about making plans in advance for a funeral and are available to answer all of your questions. We think that you will discover, like so many others, the emotional benefits of pre-planning.

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