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Ways to Save on Funeral Expenses October 27, 2022

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Let’s face it. Funerals can get expensive. Families can tend to overspend during this emotional time. It is one of the reasons preplanning your own funeral can be beneficial. There are some ways, however, you can cut the expenses of a funeral.

Choose a Gasket-Less Casket

Gasketed caskets are designed to provide better protection from air and the elements. But even gasketed caskets won’t last forever. A gasket-less casket is more affordable and a minimal sacrifice for those planning a burial on a budget.

Buy a Casket or Urn from a Third Party

Funeral homes offer caskets and urns as a convenience for families. There may be less expensive third-party options. Beware of hidden expenses like insurance and shipping and delivery charges that can add to the costs. Some funeral homes may be reluctant to use third-party products, however, because they don’t have control over quality. Many funeral homes will only work with the vendors they have relationships with.

Consider a Direct Cremation

With direct cremation, the deceased is sent directly to a crematory for cremation with the ashes returned to the family following. No services are included, reducing costs drastically.

Have Services Conducted at Home

It wasn’t that long ago that families held viewings and funerals in their own homes. Services then transitioned from home parlors to funeral parlors. While it is unusual, a home-based visitation is still possible today.

Limit Optional Services

It can be easy to get carried away when planning a funeral. Services like limousines and catered gatherings may sound tempting and convenient but can add significantly to the cost of final services. Trim optional services and keep only those that you feel are necessary.

Conduct Research and Compare

Another benefit of preplanning is that it provides a better opportunity to perform due diligence and even compare prices and services. While pricing is important, so are reputation and location. Choose a funeral home with a long history and a good reputation. It should also be at a location that is convenient for the family and those anticipated to attend.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we can help you plan final services within your budget that are still dignified and respectful. We own the only private crematory in Greater Cincinnati. From a traditional final service to a celebration of life to cremation, we can help with all your options.

There was a time when families had a funeral home of choice that they turned to for generations. In a more mobile society where families tend to be more spread out, that’s not often the case anymore. Whether for preplanning or in response to a current need, we would be honored to serve you. We’ve been assisting families in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati region for over 125 years. We invite you to contact us with your questions.

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