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Why a Grief Support Group May Help You October 15, 2020

Girl Looking down and grieving

It is frequently said every individual grieves in their own way. We are, after all, unique and we have unique relationships with those around us. We react to loss and death differently. That is not to say grief is SO unique that it can’t be shared. In fact, grief support groups can be surprisingly beneficial in letting us know we are not alone and others share similar feelings. It may not be easy reaching out to a group of strangers but here are some ways a grief support group may help you.

It is Comforting to Know You Are Not Alone

There is healing and comfort in knowing you are not facing any situation alone. While others may not know EXACTLY what you feel or are going through, you will likely find enough common denominators to bring some peace of mind and comfort.

There Are Support Groups For a Variety of Individuals

You can usually find a support group of individuals who are going through something similar. There are support groups for those who lost loved ones to violence or accidents. There are groups to help individuals who lost a loved one through drugs and addiction. There are groups formed in support of those who had a child, parent or spouse pass away. This provides valuable common ground and a pathway through your grief.

An Opportunity to Express Grief to Individuals Who Have a Better Understanding

Repeatedly hearing “I understand what you are going through.” can sometimes ring hollow or empty. When you express grief to those who have gone through something similar, it can have a more meaningful, healing affect.

Talking Through Feelings Can Help Improve Self-Understanding

The mere act of talking through your grief aloud can help you build a better understanding of your feelings and emotions. Verbalizing grief may not always be pretty, can it can be very impactful.

Builds New Relationships

Support groups can lead to longer term relationships built on sharing deep, personal feelings. This can have long-lasting benefits in the future.

Your Journey Pays Dividends to Others

It is rewarding knowing that your journey through grief can pay dividends down the road to others just entering the group and starting their own journey.

Yes, grief is often a very individualized process, but if you are struggling, consider one of the many local, regional, national and even online support groups available. It may not make the path smooth, but may may minimize some of the dips and bumps along the way.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have had the honor of serving grieving families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area for generations. Our professional caring staff is here to serve you. If you are in immediate need or are considering the pre-planning process, we invite you to contact us.

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