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How to Plan a Funeral Reception March 24, 2022

Candle lit funeral reception

A funeral reception has long been accepted as a way in which family and friends can get together to support each other through the loss of a loved one. It tends to be a way to decompress after a very stressful time and a signal that it may be time to move forward. While the visitation may be subdued and quiet, a reception usually includes a more casual talk and even moments of smiles and laughter. It is really a critical component of any final service.

There are some things to take note of about a funeral reception and how to plan one. Here are some thoughts to consider:

A Reception Can Be By Invitation or Open

The first thing to determine is if you would like the reception to be open or to just include specifically invited guests. If it is open, an announcement can just be made at final services, detailing the location of the reception. If it is by invitation, those invites should be by mail, email, or by discretely handing out invitations at the final service.

Select a Location

Choose a convenient location that is near the funeral and at a time that is coordinated with the time of the ending of the funeral. Some funeral homes have facilities that are suitable for a reception, including Fares J. Radel’s Kellogg Avenue location.

Decide on Food and Refreshments

Receptions can range from full lunches or dinners or simple snacks and beverages. They can be fully catered or a potluck can be arranged. At Fares J. Radel, we offer a full range of options, including a full kitchen, catering, and banquet facilities. We can accommodate the type of reception you are comfortable with.

Include a Memorial Table

A memorial table can help create a welcoming environment and help spur on pleasant and meaningful memories and conversations. It can serve as a centerpiece of the reception.

There can be an almost overwhelming amount of decisions involved in putting together a final service, including the reception. This is why pre-planning can be so valuable. It can help take the guesswork and some stress from the decisions surrounding a funeral.

It is also why your choice of a funeral home is so important. At Fares J. Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have been serving the families of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for generations. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Contact us to discuss pre-planning or immediate needs. We are here to assist you.

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