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New Ways to Say Goodbye April 24, 2019

New ways to say goodbye

If you have been to a funeral service recently, you’ve likely noticed at least some changes from previous generations. Services today are often a little less “heavy”, less religious in nature and more customized. Families in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are taking more control of loved one’s final services and the results have been more celebratory, customized services that better reflect a life lived. What is fueling these changes? How are final services being impacted? What should you consider when customizing a final service for a loved one? Let’s take a look at new ways area families and friends, are saying goodbye.

What is Fueling the Changes?

Many experts believe the changes in final services are being fueled by the aging Baby Boom generation who impacted consumer trends throughout their lives. Now, they are impacting how final services are being conducted. Many from this generation have memories of dark, grim, solemn funeral services of grandparents or aunts and uncles. They now want something less burdensome for those left behind. Others attribute the changes to fewer people being tied into a traditional, organized religion. Many final services in the past were steeped deeply in religious ceremony and traditions. Today, this leaves many family members feeling disconnected. They are now seeking to better reconnect and have more meaningful services. They are taking more control.

The Impact on Final Services

The impact has been dramatic and far-reaching. All aspects of final services are changing from the type and style of eulogies to who officiates. Final services now often include video and/or audio salutes, live streaming and are often held at non-traditional locations of importance to the deceased. Final services have been customized around a favorite sports team, personal hobbies or career.

What You Should Consider When Customizing a Service for a Loved One

One of the most significant things to consider in creating customized final services is making sure it reflects the personality of the deceased. Any final service can be more light-hearted as long as it stays within the boundaries of dignity and respect. In some cases, families of the deceased try to involve as many friends and family members in the ceremonies as possible. They often pull from a combination of traditional elements and more personalized elements to create meaningful final services.

We Can Help

For over 125 years, Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory have been at the forefront of innovative final services. Today, our in-home funeral consultations continue to demonstrate our commitment to families in the region. If you are in search of creating a final service that is dignified, memorable and customized, our experienced professional staff can help. Simply express your wishes, and we will work to make it a service to be proud of.

For pre-planning or in time of need, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Contact us at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory.

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