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Writing a Meaningful Obituary May 16, 2019

Obituaries have changed dramatically over time. From simple death notices posted at a popular local storefront or post office of the late 1800s to the lengthy, modern tributes available online today, obituaries have developed and changed as much as funeral services themselves.

Deciding on the Type of Obituary

The first step in writing a fitting obituary is deciding on the approach and attitude the obituary will have. This is one area where obituaries have changed significantly. Where once obituaries were pretty straight-forward, fact-filled and even solemn, many of today’s obituaries are written more casually, and even with humor. Some can even be slightly deviant in their approach. There is still nothing wrong with a more traditional approach, but whatever approach you choose should reflect the personality of the deceased.

Breaking an Obituary Into Sections

Writing an obituary can be much easier when it is broken down into components. These sections generally include:

  • Announcement of Death – This includes the name of the deceased, including middle name, age and city of residence at the time of death. It should also include the date of passing.
  • Brief Biography – Obituaries should include a brief biography of the deceased, highlighting accomplishments, hobbies, interests, and career, educational and military achievements.
  • Family Information – This is a list of family members who preceded the deceased in death as well as surviving members. Where there are large amounts of grandchildren, great-grandchildren or nieces and nephews, frequently the number of survivors will be used in an obituary as opposed to naming them individually.
  • Special Messages and Photo – You will finally want to include any special messages in the obituary. This can include where to direct memorial gifts or donations and whether the family requests that donations or contributions be made in lieu of flowers. You may want to add thanks to any support staff who helped along the way as well.
  • Pay Particular Attention to Accuracy – Of all the aspects involved in writing an obituary, perhaps nothing is more important than accuracy. Family members can be very sensitive that every name is spelled correctly and that no one of significance is left out. Obituaries should be proof-read by multiple family members for accuracy. As long as those closest to the deceased agree on the contents of an obituary it should be sufficient for all.

The responsibility of writing an obituary should be embraced in honor of the deceased. Should you need assistance, please feel free to contact a professional team member at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory. We would be honored to serve you.

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