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7 Reasons Pre-Planning Makes So Much Sense August 20, 2015

There may seem to be a million reasons to avoid pre-planning for your funeral. You may feel you have time, there are other things you need to do, you may not feel you are ready to think about such serious decisions, you are just too busy or you may even think you can’t afford it. Why haven’t you pre-planned your funeral?

You may not have exactly a million reasons why you haven’t planned your funeral but you certainly have a few. What are they? Give that some thought for a moment.

Let us help you. Let us tell you about our 7 reasons pre-planning makes so much sense.

  • You can help make sure your final requests are followed through upon. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we take every possible step to help families personalize the services for their loved one. Unfortunately, many times families can’t agree on what should happen. When you pre-plan your funeral, you make the choices. You can decide what type of ceremony you would like to pay for and whether you want to be cremated or buried. That is empowering for you and helpful for your family.
  • You take the pressure of your family. When you pre-plan your funeral, you are taking the pressure off of your family during a difficult time. If you’ve ever gone through the loss of a loved one, you know, that at times, the world stands still. You may experience a haze and lack of clarity for days. This is not a good time to have to make difficult decisions. You can help your family through this challenging time.
  • You take away the financial concerns of your final expenses. You decide what you want to spend when you have your services pre-paid. There is no need to worry about life insurance to pay final expenses or the proceeds of your estate. Best of all, you are not putting this burden on people you care deeply about.
  • Pre-planning keeps your life’s details on file. Your information is kept on file and will be available for family members to help prepare your obituary. This will ensure the details that are important to you aren’t left out.
  • Prices are held at today’s rates. When you pre-pay for your services, you pay at today’s rates. That means, no matter how the costs of our services increase in the coming years, your final expenses are locked in.
  • You have the gift of time. Rather than postponing your decisions because you may feel you have time, use this time to your advantage. Pre-planning allows you to contemplate and discuss your plans with family. It is much easier to do when you are healthy and the time seems far away.
  • It is the best final gift you can give your family. We work with families in Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky of various means. We can tell you that they all appreciate when a loved one gives them the final gift of pre-planning for their funeral and expenses. It is a beautiful, meaningful gift.

Contact us at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory to discuss how to get started. We will answer your questions, discuss costs, and show you your options. We have four generations of experience and we would be proud to serve you.