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Financial Planning for Final Expenses Means Peace of Mind June 5, 2015

Financial planning is an important part of life, whether it is building a college fund for your children, or saving for your retirement. There is great confidence and peace of mind in knowing that funds are in place for all of life’s needs.

One area of financial preparation that even the most careful planners often overlook is preparing for end-of-life expenses. It is a subject that most do not wish to think about, but something that we all must inevitably face. Being financially prepared for that final transition will substantially ease the burden for the loved ones left behind.

Beyond having the confidence that comes with being prepared, there are other reasons to financial plan for a funeral:

  • Make your own choices – You can choose the quality services you prefer, and determine the best value without any pressure to make a quick decision.
  • Maintain a budget – Thoughtful, non-hurried planning gives you the opportunity to make choices that will be within your desired spending level.
  • Secure today’s prices – The costs of goods and services associated with a funeral are likely to rise over time. Financial pre-planning lets you lock in current prices.
  • Research all of your options – When you take the time to pre-plan the financial details of your final arrangements, you can explore possible benefits for which you may be eligible, such as military or civil service entitlements.

Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory has been not only a trusted service provider in our area, but also a knowledgeable resource for funeral pre-planning, including financial pre-planning. Our caring and professional staff is up-to-date and experienced in the financial aspects of end of life arrangements, and can guide you through understanding things like Medicaid spend down. Whatever your situation and needs, Fares J. Radel is here to make the transition a little less difficult.

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