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Cremation Services


At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we want to make the cremation of your loved one a very sacred and honorable salute to their life. One thing people do not always understand is that cremation only takes the place of burial. All of the other amenities available to commemorate your loved one, such as a memorial service, visitation, a video tribute, urns, flowers, gifts and personalization, can be included with complete cremation services.

We are committed to preserve the sanctity of your loved one’s care. Once we bring the person back to our facility, your loved one will never leave our custody. Most importantly, we are the only private crematory in Greater Cincinnati, which means we guarantee the ashes you receive are genuine. There is no possibility any confusion will occur.

In addition, we will secure the certified death certificates and work closely with you to plan all service arrangements including visiting your home at no charge if that is preferred. We want to be sure your loved one’s cremation is a solemn and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

You can tour our private crematory and observation room at any time. We have an open door policy. We encourage you to ask other cremation providers to take a tour of their crematory.

Creamation Services
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