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Funeral Services


Families trust Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory to help them honor and commemorate their loved ones with funeral arrangements and burial services. Our concerned staff will carefully explain every option to best match your loved one’s traditions, beliefs, and budget, and show the many ways you can best communicate your loved one’s life story. Traditional burial, with or without a funeral service.

  • Gatherings, memorial services, graveside or basic cremation
  • Private or public visitations
  • Cremation, with many choices of final disposition
  • Domestic or global transportation can be arranged for your loved one
  • Funeral arrangement and pre-arrangements
  • Assistance with social security, Veterans benefits, and other insurance filings
  • Personalized service to reflect the person
  • Cultural traditions and ethnic services, our specialty

We believe that each funeral should help tell the story of your loved one’s life journey. Simple touches can create a meaningful experience, such as videos and displays of cherished personal belongings that reflect a special hobby, interest, or occupation. Making the service as meaningful as possible for the families involved is our goal. We are here to guide you with decades of funeral arrangement experience.

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(513) 231-2000 Cincinnati, OH
(859) 261-8560 Newport, KY

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