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Six Misperceptions to be Aware of When it Comes to Funerals December 5, 2017

Six Misperceptions to be Aware of When it Comes to Funerals

There have always been misperceptions about funerals and the funeral home industry. Although more information is available today than ever before, some of these misperceptions persist. Here are six misperceptions that people still have about funerals.

1. To Pre-Plan a Funeral You Have to Pre-Pay for a Funeral.

Many people believe that to pre-plan for a funeral they must have the money up front to pre-pay for it. While plenty of people choose to pre-pay to take the financial stress and burden off of their families, others will use life insurance proceeds or other funds following their death to pay for the services they desire. Either way, pre-planning has its benefits in that you are better assured you will get the type of service you wish.

2. If You Want a Funeral You Can’t Be Cremated.

Cremations and funerals aren’t necessarily exclusive. You can still have an open casket visitation followed by a cremation or have the cremains at a funeral service. You simply have more options than you may realize. Discuss your thoughts and desires with your funeral director.

3. Funerals Are Extremely Expensive.

Funerals may be more affordable than ever. The fact is you have choices when it comes to planning final services. You can create an extravagant funeral with limousine service and an extensive dinner reception following or choose a respectful and simple cremation. The choice is yours.

4. Funerals Make People Sad.

The death of someone you love and care about is what makes people sad. A funeral serves as a way to recognize the contributions of a person and to comfort each other following a loss. Today’s modern funerals often are designed with a more celebratory atmosphere. You will occasionally see smiles and hear laughter as people share heartwarming or funny stories during these more celebratory services.

5. Funerals Can’t Be Customized

Some believe funeral homes offer rigid “packages” to choose from. While some funeral directors will combine services for the convenience of families, Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory offers complete customization options. We have assisted families in putting together very specific funeral plans to suit their desires. Let us know what you have in mind.

6. I Can Plan My Funeral Myself

There are many more aspects to planning a funeral than many realize. A funeral director is there to take some of the burdens off you and assist you in making choices appropriate for your desires. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes, we’ve been serving families in the Greater Cincinnati area for over 125 years. We’ve had this honor for so long because we work to be helpful, caring, and to bring comfort to the people we serve. Many funerals are arranged in a very short period of time and having a professional by your side can help bring you peace of mind.

If you have questions about our services or would be interested in discussing pre-planning a funeral, please contact us.

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