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8 Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask a Potential Funeral Director September 28, 2017

Planning a funeral is an emotional time. It is one of the reasons pre-planning is such a good idea. Whether you are pre-planning or making arrangements in real time, there are some questions you should not hesitate to ask a potential funeral director.

  1. How long have you been in business? Ideally, you would want a funeral director with a wealth of experience and that has served their community for an extensive period of time. While length of service does not in of itself assure trust and superior service, it is a strong indication of the stability of their organization.
  2. What are the services you provide and what are the prices? Most funerals involve a significant financial transaction. There is absolutely nothing wrong in requesting a price sheet. A funeral home should expect this request and be prepared with a printed price list. Be sure to ask which of these services are directly provided by the funeral home and which are “outsourced”.
  3. What “other” costs may be involved? Before agreeing to a funeral, make sure you fully understand all the costs involved. While there is nothing wrong with a funeral director charging for use of a limousine, hearse or even including a “cash advance” fee for purchasing outside services, you just want to make sure you know what these costs are ahead of time.
  4. What facilities to do you have available? Make sure you are comfortable with the surroundings and facilities available. Is there space for a group dinner or potluck? Does the facility offer cremation services? Is it conveniently located?
  5. Are you locally owned? Many people don’t realize that many funeral homes are actually operated by large, national companies. This may affect your choice in a funeral director if personal service is important to you.
  6. Can you help us plan something special or a “celebration of life”? If you are planning or pre-planning a service with unique aspects or if you would prefer more of a contemporary “celebration of life” style service, you’ll want to know the funeral home is receptive and can deliver.
  7. Why should we choose you? This is a simple, open ended question that may elicit a response you may or may not, care for. It is an opportunity for the funeral director to tell you what he feels is important in a funeral director/service.
  8. What other helpful services do you provide? A funeral director should be able to help you with Veteran’s benefits, Social Security, and assist you in obtaining death certificates for life insurance and other purposes. You will probably want a funeral director who can help guide you through a sometimes complicated process.

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