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Tips to Finding the Best Grief Counselor for You April 9, 2020

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Many who go through the grieving process try to power through it alone. This is seldom the best answer. It is one of the reasons a well-planned final service can be so valuable. It lets us know there are those who care about us and who share in our loss. It allows us an appropriate way to say goodby and to transition to the next phase of our lives. It is rarely easy.

In some cases, grief can be so significant that we may need help. This is where a grief counselor can be so valuable. Where do you start and what should you know about finding the best grief counselor for you? Here are some tips.

Try to Define the Type of Counselor Best for You

Do you prefer a male or female counselor? Is it someone you would like to have a personal and private session with? Will talking with someone on the phone or through video counseling suffice? Do you want to start with group counseling first? What are your expectations? Try to determine in your mind the type of counselor that may be best for you.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

There are online support groups that can assist those grieving the loss of a loved one in a variety of circumstances. While these groups can be helpful in themselves, members may also be able to make referrals of qualified grief counselors near you. Some may even offer video counseling sessions. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Contact Your Physician

It is important you contact your doctor if grief becomes overwhelming, especially when it affects you physically. If you are not sleeping or eating well or feel overly-depressed your medical doctor can be a good resource. They may be able to provide medication that will assist you and more importantly, may be able to suggest a professional grief counselor who can help. Reach out promptly if you find yourself struggling with loss.

Reach Out to Your Funeral Director

Funeral directors frequently become experts when it comes to dealing through grief. They may have professional resources they can refer you to, or know of area grief support groups. They may even have educational material on hand or direct you to valuable resources.

Yes, grief is a process but it is one that everyone journeys through uniquely. Most experts agree, however, that one shouldn’t go through it alone. If you feel you need help, seek it out. There are resources, professionals and groups ready and willing to help.

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