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The Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral April 20, 2020

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The Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes family has been proud to serve Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky families for generations. We’ve seen many changes in that time, from when we were one of the first funeral services in the country to use a motorized hearse. We’ve witnessed the growth in popularity of cremations, “Celebrations of Life” and have been a part of some rather unique services as well. Through it all, we’ve also seen a consistency in how pre-planning provides an abundance of relief for those left behind. Nearly every service we’re involved with where pre-planning took place, the family is grateful their loved one took the steps they did, in advance.

Why is pre-planning so rewarding? Here are some benefits to pre-planning your funeral.

Limits the Emotional Burden

Pre-planning takes care of many of the detailed decisions that must be made when planning a funeral. This takes an emotional toll on loved ones that can be lessened through pre-planning. Of course, pre-planning may not eliminate every emotional burden, it can, however, provide significant relief.

Relieves the Financial Burden

Making sure your funeral expenses are taken care of, either through pre-payment or life insurance can eliminate any financial burden that may have been left behind upon your death. This assures that the family won’t overspend on your funeral due to guilt or grief.

Helps Ensure Your Wishes Will Be Carried Out

Pre-planning clearly lets others know what your wishes are for final services upon your death. Whether you prefer a large celebration of life, a traditional burial, cremation or small gathering or memorial service, pre-planning can spell that out for loved ones. This can help eliminate any discussion or even argument about what you would have wanted following death.

Helps Assure Biographical Information is Correct

Not only can pre-planning help make sure any information included in your obituary is accurate, but that details that are important to you are included. There may have been a board that you served on, a club you were a member of or an accomplishment you achieved that you were particularly proud of. It may not have been the biggest accomplish, but if it was significant to you, include it.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the greatest value in pre-planning your own funeral is the peace of mind you’ll have once it is done. People have told us repeatedly how good it made them feel knowing this final obligation was taken care of, not just for their family, but their own peace of mind. It can be surprisingly emotionally, mentally and spiritually rewarding.

If you would like to take the first steps in pre-planning your funeral, we would be honored to help. Contact us at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematorium. We will even come to your home should you prefer. We are just a phone call or email away. Discover the peace of mind pre-planning your funeral can have, with the assistance of the Fares J. Radel team.

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