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What You Need to Know About Cremation Urn Care December 23, 2021

Copper cremation urn

There’s probably a little more to the long-term care of an urn than what many people believe. In fact, urn care really begins with the selection of the urn itself.

Here’s a bit closer look at urn placement, selection, and care:


It can be very advantageous to know exactly where you intend to keep an urn containing a loved one’s cremains. Do you intend to display it on a desk or bookcase? Will it sit on a mantle or among photographs on a table? Is the area in direct sunlight or does the room have high humidity? These are all aspects that may impact your next decision – the actual selection of the urn.

Choosing the Type of Urn

Frequently, urns are chosen to reflect the lifestyle or personality of the person whose ashes it contains. An elaborate, decorative urn, for example, may be a bit out of place for someone who lived a simpler life. You’ll also want to consider whether the urn will be placed up and out of the way or be where people can look closely at it or even handle it. Custom urns and those that are personalized with messages or images are likely to be more closely inspected by viewers.

Urn Cleaning and Care

How an urn is cared for will largely depend on the materials it is made of and how detailed the exterior surface is. Of course, any urn should be sealed but should never be immersed in water or cleaning solutions.

When routinely dusting, remove the urn from where it is placed and hold it with your free hand to avoid knocking it over or off where it is placed. If the urn is glass or ceramic, use a damp cloth with just a hint of cleaning solution or liquid dish soap. If the urn is made of natural wood, use a wood cleaner that will keep the wood soft and rich. Metal containers should be kept clean with a soft dry cloth, using only a minimal amount of moisture when necessary. Always use a soft cloth to avoid long-term scratches, and a very soft toothbrush can be effective in cleaning detailed areas.

There’s more to choosing an urn than you may expect as there are also more choices than ever before. Our team of professionals can help. They can help direct you depending on style, long-term care, and even your budget. They can help you make the best long-term decision.

We understand families can have lots of questions about their options when it comes to final services. If you need a resource for your questions, help in pre-planning or in a current need, we would be honored to serve you. Please feel free to reach out to us.

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