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Tips on Choosing an Urn May 30, 2019

As cremations have grown in popularity, so have the selection of urns available. While most consider choice a good thing, it can make the selection of an urn somewhat overwhelming. Today, urns range from simple biodegradable boxes to rich, polished woods and marble. They can be mass-produced or custom designed. Choosing an urn may depend on a variety of factors. These can include personal tastes, budget, what the cemetery allows and/or how the urn will be displayed. An urn choice may be dictated by the personality of the person whose ashes it will contain. Here are some considerations in selecting an urn.

What Does the Cemetery Allow?

Cemeteries may have rules regarding what may be buried on their grounds. If it is your intention to have an urn buried, you will want to determine if your cemetery of choice has any such rules. If the urn will be kept in a mausoleum, there may be limitations on sizes. This may be the single largest factor in determining a choice of urns.

What Is Your Budget?

Of course, another major factor will be the budget available for an urn. While urns are far more accessible in terms of price than a normal casket burial, they can still vary significantly in price.

Will the Urn be Displayed? If so Where?

If you have decided the urn will be put on display, the location where it will be displayed can be critical. A rich wood or stone urn can look attractive on a desk or bookcase. A metal or traditional ceramic urn could fit well on a mantle. Give some thought to the space where you will display an urn before making a final choice.

Will the Ashes be Divided?

It is becoming more popular to divide ashes among those closest to the deceased, or even to use some in creating custom jewelry or other keepsakes. This may make it possible to choose a much smaller urn than would otherwise be necessary. On the other hand, if the urn is intended to keep most of the ashes of a larger person a more sizable urn may be prudent.

Will the Urn be Personalized?

Personalization can range from a simple name and dates or complete customization. Some urns lend themselves to greater flexibility in personalization, included an attached photo or even engraved images. The importance of how and how much personalization you desire may influence your choice of an urn.

Do You want the Urn to have a Theme?

Urns are available in a seemingly endless array of themes. An urn can be religious, sports or military themed. They may have an artistic theme or pay tribute to a favored craft or hobby.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

You should never feel bad about asking questions regarding any detail surrounding final services or the choices involved. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we are honored to answer any questions regarding final services whether for a loved one or in pre-planning for yourself. We are also pleased to offer a full-range of urns to suit any budget, taste or to suit any requirements. In your time of need or when pre-planning, feel free to contact the professionals at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory.

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