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How Flowers Personalize a Funeral August 8, 2018

How Flowers Personalize a Funeral

Sending flowers in memory of a loved one who has passed is a time-honored tradition that continues to this day. If you are part of the immediate family, in particular, personalized arrangements can be a loving touch. If you are a friend of the family, flowers are a very nice way to express condolences, even if you can’t make a visit in person to services. Flowers are what helps make a funeral personal. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Respect the Wishes of the Family

In some cases, a family may request a donation to a charitable cause or even to help defray the costs of a funeral in lieu of flowers. Others may have religious beliefs that discourage flowers at a final service. It is important that you respect the wishes of a mourning family. This can be done by reaching out to a member of the family or contacting the funeral home in advance of ordering flowers. This can be helpful in several ways, including finding out what special requests the family may have made. The funeral home may also be able to guide you into what type of arrangement may help improve the atmosphere of the final service.

Types of Flower Arrangements

Depending on your relationship to the deceased, various floral arrangements may be more appropriate than others. For close, immediate family members, for example, a casket wreath or spray is common. Other forms of arrangements common from immediate family include casket lid swags, heart or cross-shaped arrangements and table arrangements. For extended family members, standing spray arrangements are typical. Sprays, wreaths, baskets, live plants and flowers in vases are common. Colleagues and associates may send flowers to either the family’s home or to the funeral home.

Funeral homes are good resources for suggestions on appropriate arrangements.

Personalizing Your Choice in Flowers

There are several ways in which your choice in flowers can be personalized. If you know the favorite color of the deceased, an arrangement can be created primarily using that color. If a loved one was a sports fan, flower arrangements can be created in a sports theme and with the colors of a favored team. If the person who passed was a gardener, perhaps a live plant would be fitting. There have even been cases where an arrangement can be made in a specific shape. Again, talk with family members and a florist to get ideas on ideas that can personalize your arrangement.

Contact Us with Your Questions

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have been serving generations of families in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. We understand that funerals can be challenging times for all involved and everyone has the best of intentions. If you have questions about what may or may not be appropriate for a final service, please feel free to contact us. We will be grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

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