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How Creating A Better Bucket List Becomes A Blueprint For Living Your Best Life August 22, 2018

How a Bucket List Can Help You Live Life More Fully

Some associate a bucket list, a list of things you would like to do before you “kick the bucket”, as a negative thing. They may associate it with death. A well thought out bucket list, however, can actually serve as a guide or road-map to living life to its fullest.

Here is how you can create a bucket list to energize and inspire you. One that can serve as motivation and put purpose in your life.

  1. Recognize that a bucket list shouldn’t shrink, but grow. Most view a bucket list as something that you check off as you accomplish certain tasks. Instead, a bucket list should morph and grow as you experience more and more from your list.

  2. Create an actual list. It’s not just good enough to think about or make mental notes about what you want to do on your list. You’ll need to create a list on paper or digitally. Revisit your list and don’t be afraid to update, adjust and change your list.

  3. Think beyond travel. Most people have a tendency to focus on travel-related items on their bucket list. Don’t forget about things you would like to learn like playing an instrument, experiences like riding a horse or motorcycle or books you would like to read.

  4. Bucket list items don’t have to be huge. When many think about bucket list items, they tend to think about big goals. It can be motivational to include many smaller, easier to accomplish tasks to build momentum. If tasks are too expensive or too challenging to achieve you may never enjoy the success of achieving them.

  5. Share your list. Encourage others to create a list and share your lists. You may have items in common that you may better achieve together. Sharing your list also make you just a bit more accountable to achieving the items you included on it.

  6. Make a plan. It is unlikely will you take a year off and visit all fifty states. You can, however, make a goal of visiting five states a year for the next ten years. Break down larger goals into chunks and take pride in achieving partial goals while making progress.

  7. Document achievements. Completing an item on your bucket lists deserves more than just a checkmark. Write a few paragraphs about your experiences and be sure to take pictures. This will give you something to look back upon and give you a better feeling of satisfaction.

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