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How to Cope with the Death of a Sibling July 15, 2022

Siblings Facing Loss

There are many reasons why losing a sibling can be so difficult. First, there isn’t a lot of attention given to the topic. You can find plenty of books and articles on the loss of a spouse, child, or even parents, but coping with the death of a sibling doesn’t seem to garner as much attention.

Of course, the loss of a sibling can be difficult to handle. It changes the family dynamic and even how those left behind view themselves as a unit.

When one loses a sibling it can be accompanied by feelings of guilt, perhaps because they may have outlived them. There is also the loss of a close life-long family member.

There are ways in which dealing with the loss of a sibling may be made a bit easier.

Be Kind to Yourself

The subject may not receive a lot of attention, but losing a sibling can be tough. It is important you take it easy and be kind to yourself. There are likely to have been countless interactions with your sibling from childhood on up, and certainly not all were pleasant. Try to focus more on all of the good memories through your grief.

Get Rest

Any loss can be a stressful one. A sibling loss can be more so, especially if there are other brothers and sisters. Emotions can intensify. Set aside enough time for rest.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

While rest is important, so is spending time with family and loved ones you may not have seen in a while. Siblings can also be connected with a certain group of friends or even cousins. This is a great time to share fun and pleasant memories.

Do Something in their Memory

Perhaps it is a donation or creating a fundraiser in their honor. It may even be scheduling an annual lunch with the remaining siblings. Whatever you decide, it can be healing to recognize your sibling in some small way. You could even volunteer for a group they supported or continue to help support a cause they believed in.

Take Your Time In Returning to “Normal”

Don’t feel hurried yet, don’t hesitate to return to normal. One of the great healers is returning to a daily routine, and it is something you should look forward to.

Losing a brother or sister can be challenging to deal with. Every relationship is different, as is how you will handle a loss. Just remember to be kind and forgiving to yourself.

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