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7 Ways to Fight Against Self-Isolation in Grief July 28, 2022

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It has been stated repeatedly that individuals grieve in their own way and that each person experiences grief in their own way. That being said, there are still some unhealthy grieving habits we can fall into.

One of those is self-isolation.

Self-isolation is when a grieving person intentionally stays away from others during the grieving process. Those who self-isolate sometimes feel it is “easier” to handle their grief this way. However, it often just prolongs the grief.

Here are some ways to fight against self-isolation during grief.

Implement Movement

Ideally, you would exercise, but at least add more movement to your day. This may just be a few short walks or light cleaning, but get up out of the chair and get involved in some physical activity.

Be Grateful and Cultivate Mindfulness

It is hard to feel stressed when you are grateful. Become more self-aware, meditate, and avoid associating pleasure with feeling sorry for yourself. You can allow yourself time and space to grieve without falling into harmful self-isolation.

Reach Out and Communicate

With texts, email, and social media, it is easier than ever to stay connected to others and even reach out. Reconnect with someone or share your feelings with someone you know may be experiencing something similar. Of course, talking on the phone or meeting for lunch is an option as well.

Make Plans for the Future

It may be a simple getaway for a weekend or a dream cruise, but have something you can look forward to always on your calendar.

Revive Interest in an Old Hobby or Learn a New Skill

Have someone you know who has a skill you admire for a lesson or two or offer to “trade” skills. Crafts and hobbies are a terrific way to keep active and connected.


You can stay connected and even cultivate new friends by volunteering for a cause you care for. This is a terrific way in which you can turn your grief and sadness into something more positive.

Join a Grief Counseling Group

It can be comforting to know that there are always groups available, either in-person or online, to share your experiences with grief. There are likely to be people involved in these groups that also may have experienced self-isolation.

Yes, while we all experience grief differently, there are some harmful pitfalls we can fall into. These can include self-isolation. If you notice yourself becoming self-isolated, take steps to improve your situation.

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