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The Power of Pre-Planning Final Services May 20, 2020

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Back in the 1960’s “pre-planning” a funeral was seen as a way a funeral home could “lock-in” future clients and help establish the future of the business. To some degree it received some negative connotations, with images of greedy funeral directors upselling unneeded services to a person who only wanted to do what was best for his or her family. Whether this was deserved criticism or not, we can’t address. After all, the Fares J. Funeral Home family has been serving families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area for over 125 years. By the time pre-planning funerals became a thing, we were well established and our future secure. We have however, been witnesses to the power pre-planning final services can have.

It Relieves a Great Deal of Pressure on the Family.

Pre-planned funerals have less stress and chaos on the family. This does not necessarily make them any less sad nor does it relieve grieving. It does, however, provide a certain roadmap the family can follow, knowing the desires of their loved one are being carried out. This minimizes debates and even arguments about what “Dad would have wanted”.

It Can Relieve Financial Stress

Decisions made under the stress of grief may not always be the best ones. When a person pre-plans their own funeral and makes arrangements for its costs to be taken care of, the decision is usually made more rationally. It certainly is made under the wishes of the person making the plans.

The Choice of a Traditional Burial or Cremation Can Be Made Clear

One of the frequent discussions we hear when a family makes a decision regarding a loved one’s funeral is whether they would have preferred to be buried or cremated. A loved one may have had a discussion years ago with someone in the family and not shared that decision with another. Pre-planning takes away any doubt or indecision in the process.

Helps Assure the Atmosphere You Desire

Pre-planning offers the additional benefit of having the deceased play a role in the environment their final services will have. Will there be a large funeral or a private one? Should there be a “theme” for the funeral or should it have a more festive “celebration of life” tone to it? Pre-planning can also give you input into who eulogizes you at your final service. This can be extremely rewarding and liberating.

Allows You to Write Your Final Chapter

When you pre-plan your own funeral you can write your own obituary, making sure who and what is important to you is included. You can choose the charities you want people to contribute to in your name and whether you want flowers. You can even choose a favorite song or two to be played in your honor.

While there are financial benefits to paying for your funeral in advance, full payment isn’t even necessary. It is, however, important that you let your wishes be known in writing. At Fares J. Funeral Homes, we will be happy to assist you in pre-planning your final services. We can even schedule a time to come to your home if you prefer. Discover the power of pre-planning. We invite you to talk with us at Fares J. Funeral Homes and Crematory of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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