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What’s Best? An Open or Closed Casket? June 12, 2020

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Once a family has decided they would like to have a visitation at final services, the next decision will be whether that visitation will include a closed or open casket. Like just about everything else involving a funeral, this is a very personal decision. You should not feel pressured into a decision you are not comfortable with. That being said, there are some thoughts to keep in mind when deciding whether an open or closed casket may be best.

Open Casket

An open casket final service tends to provide just a bit more closure for family and friends. For those who may have not been present at the loved one’s passing, an open casket provides an opportunity to see them one last time. They may be dressed in a favorite shirt, tie or outfit, perhaps even wearing favored jewelry that may have been gifted to them. An open casket can also allow family, who have not seen the deceased in some time. one last visit.

Closed Casket

There are very legitimate reasons for a closed casket service. Perhaps the deceased had been involved in a disfiguring accident or experienced a disseminating disease. Perhaps the funeral is taking place after an extended period following the death. A closed casket provides more privacy. There may even be religious reasons for a closed casket service. A closed casket service may have been the preference of the deceased, so people would tend to remember them “as they were”. Afamily may just feel uneasy or uncomfortable having an open casket service.

The point is while there are some good and logical reasons for either a closed or open casket, with the exception of unusual cases it is up to the family to make the decision. That is unless you are pre-planning your own funeral. If you are pre-planning your own funeral and have a preference, this is the time to let your wishes be known. Be sure to discuss your decision with close family members so they understand your wishes and the reasoning behind them.

If you would like assistance in pre-planning a funeral, or are in current need, we invite you to contact us at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory. While we have served families in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati for generations, we also understand there are many who don’t have a preferred funeral director. We would appreciate the opportunity, and be honored to serve you.

For pre-planning or an immediate need, contact us. We would be proud to be of service to you and your family.

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