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What are Some of the Different Types of Cemeteries? January 8, 2020

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What are Some of the Different Types of Cemeteries?

Cemeteries, in some form, have been around for centuries. In North America, they grew from Church-based burial grounds to large, park-like public settings. It wasn’t uncommon for families to picnic and spend holidays in the cemeteries of the past. Today, many varying types of cemeteries remain. Here are some different types of cemeteries available.

The Church Cemetery

While uncommon for modern churches, it is not unusual to find cemeteries next to all churches in North America. Churches were seen as where babies were baptized and the dead buried. In a time when families remained tied to their churches for their entire lives, this made perfect sense.

Public Cemetery

Often owned by a town, city or county, these cemeteries offer burial space for anyone, at a price. Rules of burial in a public cemetery tend to focus around the type of monuments and grave markers that can be used and grave decorations that can be installed.

A Private Cemetery

This is usually a more restrictive cemetery where the private owners have a say on who can be buried on the grounds. It may be owned by a lodge or other civic or fraternal group or even a private family.

A Religion-Based Cemetery

These are cemeteries designed for believers of a certain faith. They tend to be more public than church cemeteries although both often are aligned with certain faith-based groups.

Commercial Cemeteries

While Public Cemeteries are owned by a community, Commercial Cemeteries are commercial enterprises that are operated for-profit. Like any other business, they are in existence to make a profit.

Green or Organic Cemeteries

Recently, green and organic cemeteries have become more popular. These generally have restrictions on if a body can be embalmed or not and the type of burial container that must be used.

Mass Graves

These are cemeteries where groups of people are buried in the same, large grave. This is usually used in times of plagues, war, or when massive deaths occur in a single area and the dead must be dealt with quickly. Mass graves are often marked with a single marker explaining the circumstances of those buried there.

Inquire Ahead of Time

Before choosing a cemetery, be sure to ask about what type of grave markers are allowed, and any rules regarding grave decorations. You may also want to ask about burial of those close to you or even if pets are allowed. Correcting a bad cemetery decision can be both uncomfortable and expensive.

Should you have questions about cemeteries or any of the number of choices that will have to be made upon the death of someone you care about, contact us. We have been assisting families of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati for generations and would be honored to serve yours. Contact us with your questions.

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