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What You Should Consider Before Joining a Grief Support Group February 5, 2020

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Many grieving individuals, especially those deeply struggling with the death of a loved one, may seek out the assistance of a Grief Support Group. Today’s grief support groups can be found in local communities, and they may even be found online. Grief support groups can be invaluable to some and a seeming waste of time for others. Here’s what you should know before joining a grief support group.

All Grief Support Groups are Not Equal

Some grief support groups are very informal and even casual. Others may be highly regulated or follow the guideline of a national association. You will want to inquire about what you should expect from a particular support group and what their expectations may be of you. Most individuals seem to thrive in more flexible groups, where participation can be at the individuals comfort rate.

Recognize that Everyone Responds to Support Groups Differently

Go into any support group knowing that your experience may not be like someone who recommended the group to you, or even others currently within the group. You are an individual and it is perfectly fine to sit, listen and internalize how you feel before “jumping in” to a group you may not be familiar with.

Set Your Own Pace

It is important that joining a grief support group need not add undue pressure on you. This means participating at your own pace and even missing a meeting or two if you prefer. A grief support group should assist in you getting through a challenging time, not adding commitments to it.

Understand the Benefits of Sharing Thoughts

While you control the frequency and intensity of your involvement in any grief support group, try to approach the group with an open mind. Sharing your thoughts and expressing emotions with others who have gone through a similar experience can be very healing and rewarding. It can be comforting knowing others have, and are experiencing similar thoughts and emotions. Intend to participate.

Have a Positive Attitude Toward the Group

Entering a group with a negative or skeptical attitude can be self-fulfilling. If you’ve taken the time to look into joining a group and have made the decision to attend at least one meeting, approach that meeting with the best outlook possible. That too, can have self-fulfilling results.

Don’t Be Afraid to Accept Help

Accepting help when grieving is not a sign of weakness. When help is offered, don’t be afraid to accept it. You are being both kind to yourself, and the person offering assistance.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we understand people experience grief in their own ways. Through the years, we have learned that quiet listening, comforting words, and a calming tone can carry a lot of weight in helping someone through their experience. Some can “go it alone” others can find solace in a grief support group. Take comfort in knowing you will find your way. Should you have concerns, contact us at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes.

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