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Why Are Caskets Expensive? January 7, 2020

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When a loved one passes, family members are faced with a number of decisions involving final services. One of the most expensive decisions will involve that of choosing a casket. A casket, in basic terms, serves as the container for a body while it is displayed and ultimately for burial.

There is a difference between caskets and coffins. While caskets are rectangular containers, coffins have eight sides and tend to follow the form of a body more precisely. Coffins were once popular in North America but have given way to rectangular caskets.

Caskets were initially frequently made by furniture builders who had the skills to build containers that demonstrated the dignity in which family’s wanted their deceased buried. Today, even inexpensive caskets can cost $1,000. Ornate, customized caskets can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars or more. So why do caskets costs so much?


Caskets will be more expensive based upon the wood and metals they are made of. A pine casket, for example, will usually be less expensive than one made of mahogany. Steel hardware will be less expensive than copper or bronze.

The amount of ornamentation will impact the price of a casket. Simple caskets will be less expensive than those that are ornate. Customization will also add greatly to the cost.

Limited Manufacturers

Casket production is a relatively specialized industry. Since manufacturers are limited, competitive pricing can also be limited. Keep in mind, transportation will also have a significant role in the price of a casket. These are heavy, bulky items that are expensive to ship.

Your Options

Because caskets are often purchased under the stress of the loss of a loved one, sometimes families may spend more than they can, or should pay. A funeral home is often the easiest, most convenient place to purchase a casket. It is important to note, however, that funeral homes are required to bury an individual in a casket provided by the family, no matter where it came from. This means families may have the option of purchasing a casket from a showroom or even online.

Let Us Help

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes, we understand grieving families may not always make the best decisions. That’s why we are always upfront and open about all the details surrounding a funeral. While some families may have no issue with spending tens of thousands of dollars on final services, others are in search of dignified services on a budget. We can accommodate everyone.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having limits to what one is comfortable spending on final services. It is why cremation has become such a popular option. When you are in time of need, or if you would like to pre-plan a funeral that is respectful yet economical, please contact us. Our professionals will be glad to guide you through the process.

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