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Top Considerations to Make When Planning Your Funeral July 30, 2021

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You may think when it comes to planning your own funeral it is all about you, right? Finally, you get what you want the way you want it while spending only as much as you are comfortable with.

Can we have an honest discussion here?

One of the top considerations in planning your own funeral is respectfully recognizing that it is not all about you. No matter how you feel about your life, your sense of self-worth or even to some degree, your sense of humor, your final services are not just all about you. Sorry.

Now that THAT little uncomfortable piece of business is out of the way, here are some of the top considerations you can and should make when planning your own funeral.

Cremation or Burial?

Quite frankly, you may still get a bit of resistance on this, but you should have your say here. It is simple and straightforward and your family should understand. Would you prefer cremation or a traditional burial?

How Will the Funeral Expenses Be Paid?

Do you have the financial resources? Savings? Life insurance? Would you like to pre-pay for your funeral to completely take the burden off your family? This choice may also impact the type of services/celebration you plan for.

Take Care of Details of Your Will

If you don’t decide who gets your things, the State of Ohio or Kentucky will. Create a will and let your planned executor know about it in advance.

Write Your Own Obituary

If you are uncomfortable with the task at least create a final resume, so to speak, to let the person who will take on the task know what was important to you. This is an opportunity for you to let those around you know who you are, how you got here and how much they mean to you. It would be a shame to waste that opportunity. You should at least provide some input, don’t you think?

Outline Your Service

No, you don’t need to detail specifics but if you have a favorite song, want someone to deliver your eulogy or include the banner of your favorite college or pro football team in the ceremony, now is the time to make those wishes’ known. If you have some favorite photos you want included in a video tribute, that would be particularly meaningful for those you care about.

Most of all, be respectful not only to your own memory but to those you leave behind. Celebrations of life can be powerful and meaningful. They can even include party-like elements. We can help you create the service you desire.

Connect with us at Fares J. Funeral Homes and Crematory to discuss your wishes. You’ll find us open-minded and progressive. We think you’ll also discover the respect we have for the process. Do you want a unique final service when pre-planning your Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky funeral? We encourage you to reach out to our staff at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory.

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