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Ways to Have a Greener Cremation July 23, 2021

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Many consider a cremation more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial. There is, after all, no casket or cement container to hold the body nor chemicals used to preserve the body. There is limited to no burial space required. Yet, there are steps that can be taken to make even cremations greener and more environmentally friendly. If you want a greener cremation, here are some steps you can take.

  • New practices are already being put in place to make the cremation process more efficient. Cremations started gaining in popularity when specialized furnaces made the process possible in the late 1800s. Today, furnaces are more efficient than ever, minimizing fuel use and emissions. Use a modern, efficient cremation service and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their environmental impact.
  • Bio-cremations are becoming more popular. Bio-cremations dispose of bodies more naturally and research into these techniques continue to advance and the processes are becoming more accepted. This is taking cremations to a higher level of being environmentally friendly. Greener services and options are becoming more available and cost-effective. Ask about them.
  • Availability of more biodegradable urns. Biodegradable urns are a very planet-friendly way to bury and dispose of ashes in waters, in the forest, in “green cemeteries” and elsewhere. As the urn bio-degrades, the ashes are returned to the soil leaving minimal to no impact on the environment. They often can be buried near the base of trees to provide nourishment.
  • Request implants be recycled. A cremation can become more green when any implants to the body are recycled either prior to or post cremation. This is environmentally responsible.
  • Choose direct cremation. When bodies are cremated directly, they are not preserved through the use of traditional chemicals. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option. It may limit your opportunities for viewing but creates a more planet-friendly experience.
  • Spread ashes. Spreading ashes can be the most green way to dispose of ashes. It is also very economical and simple. There are no containers or chemicals required and nothing is left behind.
  • Minimize use of transportation. The fewer vehicles used and the fewer miles traveled, the greener the cremation will be. If you can incorporate digital visiting hours or a streaming final service you may even make the process greener.

A greener funeral may be the wishes of the deceased or of the family, and certainly any cremation is greener than a traditional funeral. But even a cremation can be made more environmentally friendly with a few requests. Green options can be a part of your pre-planning.

If a green cremation is important to you, contact the Cremation Society of Cincinnati. We can help you create a green final service that is both respectful and environmentally friendly. Let’s discuss your goals.

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