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Why “Celebrations of Life” are Growing in Popularity July 20, 2017


We often get inquiries from families who are struggling with the fact that a loved one wanted a “party” and not a traditional wake in the event of their death. The family’s struggles come from the fact that they are grieving, yet want to honor the wishes of their family member.

Let us put you at ease. At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes, we have conducted a wide range of funeral services from deeply religious ceremonies rooted in centuries of tradition to those centered around the deceased’s love of their favorite Cincinnati sports or area college sports team. We understand how to help you create a personalized service that will meet your desires for a respectful service, yet honor the wishes of a loved one. The answer is often a respectful “Celebration of Life”.

Understanding What the Deceased Really Wanted

In many instances, it helps to consider what the deceased really wanted in requesting a “party”. They certainly didn’t want people to celebrate their death. They just didn’t want the people they care about to be sad or somber. They want to ease the pain of those they love and leave them with good, positive thoughts and emotions. In some ways, they want to spare their loved ones what perhaps they had to go through in their own lives…the loss of a loved one. This is fully understandable. The fact is however, some people need to have closure and need to mourn to move forward.

What is a “Celebration of Life”?

A Celebration of Life is designed to recognize the life and contributions of the deceased. All of us have had our passions, our hobbies, and favorite ways to spend free time. We’ve enjoyed vacations, loved children and grandchildren, and have had our own unique experiences. Some have contributed to their communities or a non-profit cause or even fought bravely for their country or against a disease. A Celebration of Life seeks to remind family and friends of these passions, commitments, and love. Rather than focusing on a death, it focuses on the contributions of a loved one’s life.

What Is Involved in a Celebration of Life?

There are no rules. We can help design final ceremonies that you and your family are comfortable with. It may include a video tribute, even one with humor and smiles. It may include uplifting eulogies and fond memories. It can include a post-service banquet in our modern, bright, and airy Cincinnati facility. Here, family and friends can gather to share those special moments and perhaps a laugh or two. It may not be exactly the “party” the departed had in mind but it can be a more uplifting way to help everyone move forward.

Even when death is anticipated it carries great weight for those left behind. We can help lift that weight at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes. Contact us and talk to our professionals to create a respectful Celebration of Life for someone you care about.

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