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How Service Dogs Benefit Those Suffering Grief and Loss March 11, 2020

Therapy and service dogs have become more a part of our everyday lives. They can be seen in retail stores, on airplanes and even in some restaurants. Therapy and service dogs often provide a calming effect and it is one of the reasons more funeral homes are making them more available at services.

What is it about therapy dogs that make them so helpful in stressful situations?

  • They Have an Exceptional Sense of Emotional Need – Dogs seem to have a sense of the emotional needs of those around them. This is extremely helpful in these circumstances where grief and emotions are high. Dogs can sense this and will seek to help provide relief.
  • Dogs are Mood Changers – A well-trained therapy dog can be a real mood changer in a room. They bring smiles, “awws” and “ahhs” and a release of pressure in a room. Many will immediately reach out to the dog and the dog may seek out those with the greatest need.
  • Relieves Stress – Funerals are often stressful environments and therapy dogs can provide almost instant relief. Dogs want to make those around happy and are natural people pleasers. This can be the perfect antidote for a stress-filled funeral service.

While many funeral homes are just discovering the benefits a trained therapy dog can bring to the families they serve, Gus, our therapy dog has been a part of the Radel family since he was adopted at 7 weeks old in November 2005. Gus is an AKC registered German Shepard who began training with the American Success-Dog Training Academy when he was four-months old. He graduated from training in January 2017 and is a certified service dog/grief therapy dog.

Gus is a caring and affectionate addition to Fares J. Radel Funeral Home’s staff. He enjoys coming into work and greeting those who need his comfort most. When Gus is not at work, he loves to play with his sister, Charlie, the Beagle. In his spare time, Gus loves to visit with sick children and visit people in nursing homes and hospice. Gus is available to meet with families and attend funeral services at your request.

Gus provides another in the long line of forward-thinking, caring services we are proud to offer at Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory. To learn more about Gus and how he may be of service to you and your family, please contact us.

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