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Our Best Tips for Writing A Eulogy June 8, 2023

Writing a Eulogy

Being asked to write a eulogy for someone can be both an honor and a burden. It is an honor in that your words will summarize who that person was, what they cared most about, and what was important to them. The gravity of your words can make it a challenge. Of course, you want to “get it right”. If you have been asked to write a eulogy, here are some tips to help.

Take It On as the Honor It Is

You would not have been asked if the family didn’t think it was fitting for you to take on. Embrace the task with joy.

Keep the Tone Celebratory

Include stories of the adventures and loves of the deceased. Include respectful tidbits about their habits or their likes and dislikes. A eulogy is meant to be a tribute to a life, not about the sorrows of death.

Include A Brief Biography of Yourself

How long did you know the deceased and how did you meet? What made your relationship special? You want to give those in attendance a quick overview of why you are giving the eulogy.

Provide a Brief Biography of the Person Being Eulogized

Not everyone will know about the deceased’s life and career. Include some info on schooling, careers, military service, clubs, hobbies, and causes they cared for.

Brainstorm with Family and Close Friends

Feel free to add a story or two from someone else in the eulogy, giving them credit. That can help more people feel like they are a part of the service.

Highlight the Big Moments in Life

How did they meet their spouse? Where did they honeymoon? Did they travel? These are the moments that most of us can relate to and that can add meaning to the eulogy.

Try to Conclude with a Comforting Message

You want those in attendance to leave with a sense of comfort and hope.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is to look around the room and make eye contact. Smile reassuringly at the right time. The best eulogies are when those in attendance feel like they have learned something about the departed and that your words touched them.

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