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Things to Consider When Choosing an Urn February 7, 2018

Black and Gold UrnIf you have made the decision to be cremated for yourself or someone else, one of the decisions you will be faced with is choosing an urn for the cremains. This decision alone can involve four factors.

  1. What is the purpose of the urn? While this may seem self-evident, it actually takes some thought. Will the urn serve as a permanent container for the ashes to be buried or will the urn be on display in a home? Will the urn perhaps be used to transfer the ashes for disposal elsewhere? If you are in search of a “green” final service, you may wish to consider a biodegradable urn.
  2. Size. Urns are available in multiple sizes, with a standard urn designed to have 200 cubic inches of space, enough for a standard sized adult. This is generally the size chosen by families who will have the cremains buried or kept in one location. There are also what is called “keepsake urns”, smaller versions of a standard urn that contain a portion of the loved one’s ashes. This allows multiple family members to have a keepsake urn to remember their loved one.
  3. Style and design. This is often the most challenging aspect of urn selection. Today’s urns are available in more designs than ever, ranging from the traditional to contemporary. You can choose from rich woods to polished stone. There are porcelain urns, polished and brushed metal urns, and even urns that include a photo or photos or a clock. Many urns are engraved or otherwise customized. One of the selections of cremation urns Cincinnati families can select from is available through Fares J. Radel.
  4. Price. While urns can be much less expensive than a traditional burial casket, they also can be comparable in price. At some point, price is usually always a factor in the choice of an urn. Once again, one of the widest selection of cremation urns Cincinnati families can choose from is available through the Fares J. Radel.

Our modern facility even includes an open banquet area that provides an exceptional atmosphere for a gathering of family and friends or a “celebration”. Our professional, experienced, and caring staff will help you make an urn selection that is best for your particular family. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

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