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Ways to Mourn the Death of a Spouse Well May 17, 2022

Grieving Widow

One of the most devastating losses a person can experience is the death of a spouse. Whether the marriage was for a relatively short period or a lifetime, a spouse is bound to us by love, experiences, and even the shared difficult times we experience.

But like all deaths, we experience the death of a spouse individually and uniquely. This is often based on the unique relationships we have with our partners. Some see each other every day. Others may be apart for days and weeks. Others may work together, sharing virtually every waking moment. They come to appreciate our personality quirks and our hot buttons. They know what brings a smile and a comforting hug.

So how can you handle the death of a loved one well?

Give Yourself Permission to Grieve

This may sound simple, but it is a powerful piece of advice. Allow yourself to grieve and to grieve in your way on your timeline. Well-meaning friends and relatives may be free to offer advice, and they should be gracefully thanked for it. But this is your journey and your loss. Give yourself a hug and work through it your way, in your own timing.

Keep People Around You

Proactively build a support team around you who will comfort and listen to you. These are people who should share your love and appreciation for your spouse and will support you in your grief.

Take Care of Yourself

Eat well and get fresh air and exercise. Look for and partake in activities that give you joy. There is no debt that can be paid by sadness and misery. Enjoy every morsel of good memories you may have and allow yourself to smile and laugh. Those fond memories are a tribute to your loved one they would want you to enjoy.

Make Plans

It doesn’t have to be a world cruise but fill your calendar with events to look forward to. It may be a lunch with friends you have lost contact with or going to a movie with a sibling. Maybe buy concert or theater tickets for a show or just schedule a weekend getaway. Keep yourself looking forward.

If You Are Struggling, Seek Help

If you begin to feel you are experiencing complicated grief that seems bottomless, seek help. This can include professional counseling or in-person or online support groups. You will soon recognize others are experiencing similar impacts at the loss of a loved one. You are not alone.

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