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10 Ways To Help Grieving Family and Friends May 7, 2024

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When someone passes who is close to someone we know, it can cause a bit of amnesia for us. We can forget how to act, what to say, and how to be supportive. Most feel awkward and unsure of what to do. It can make us feel uncomfortable. It is time to relax, take a breath, and collect your thoughts.

Here are 10 ways to support grieving family and friends who have lost a loved one.

1. Acknowledge Their Loss

It can be important to recognize their loss as quickly as possible. If you are uncomfortable calling them, text them your acknowledgment and ask for permission to call. You can also send a note or email. Follow their lead into how extensive the conversation gets.

2. Listen Without Pressuring

Avoid pressuring the grieving person to discuss their loss, but be open to listening. The depth of your conversation may depend on your relationship with them.

3. Help with Fundraising

In some cases, the grieving family may need help in fundraising for final expenses or a memorial service. Helping with final expenses can offer great relief. A request for assistance may also be noted in an obituary.

4. Attend Final Services

You can solidify your support for the grieving person by attending visiting hours, final, or memorial services. Be sure to reach out to acknowledge your presence.

5. Offer Help

It can be common for people to say, “If there’s anything I can do, let me know.” When you are specific, however, your offer may be more likely to be accepted.

Depending on the situation, you can offer to cook, clean the house, do laundry, take care of yard work, or run errands. They may need help with child care or shopping. Your specific offer lets them know you are serious about your offer and gives them something to think about.

6. Provide Meals or Gift Cards

Even if an offer to help is declined or ignored, meals or gift cards are often still appreciated. Casseroles are often easy to reheat and store. Choose gift cards from stores that carry diverse merchandise and groceries.

7. Help Restore Normalcy

Helping a grieving person return to normalcy can be very valuable. Most of us play a role in the lives of our friends. We may be a golfing buddy, confidants, book club friends, and more. We can use these roles to help those we care about return to a sense of normalcy.

8. Invite Them Along

Whatever you have planned that is group-friendly, extend the invitation for them to come along. You both may appreciate the company.

9. Direct Them to Resources

Perhaps they could use guidance in finding a support group or other resources. There may even be an uplifting book they may enjoy.

10. Know Their Boundaries

Be accessible but not intrusive. Their loss doesn’t necessarily change your relationship, but it could enhance it.

Whatever path you decide to take with a friend, do so with a genuine, caring, and sincere attitude. This will always be appreciated.

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