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Finding Hope in Simple Pursuits Outside September 26, 2023

man planting a new plant

Grief and profound sadness can be difficult to overcome. Time can seem to slow and the world can seem shades darker.

It has been said that everyone experiences grief in their own way. Some will wade through it. If you are in search of a way to emerge from grief a bit more quickly, there may be hope in simple pursuits… outdoors.

Look Forward

If you find yourself spending too much time thinking about the past or focusing on your current state of sadness, train yourself to look ahead. Having small, pleasant events to look forward to can brighten the spirit. It may just be a walk or a cup of coffee with a friend, but keep yourself occupied with a full schedule.

Healing Powers of Being Outdoors

Struggling with grief and sadness? It may sound simple, but go outside. Sitting and looking around at the same four walls can diminish your energy. Just going outside can recharge you. The sky, sun, and natural sounds can be recharging and even invigorating. Go to a playground, a ball field, or just take a walk. Life is happening all around you, and you may miss it by staying at home.

Spend Time at a Place That Rejuvenates You

Would you prefer to have your toes in the sand or enjoy the views from a mountain? Imagine spending time alongside a river or a lake. The air can smell fresher and even energizing. Find a place of refuge that rewards your spirit.

Grow Your Own Food

Starting a garden can serve as a real-life example of life and growth. If you have space, grow some onions, tomatoes, green peppers, or strawberries. Even a small window herb garden can offer gratification.

Pay Closer Attention to Nature

When you go outside, pay closer attention. Listen to the sounds and absorb the smells. Feel the breeze and the warmth. Far too often, we become numb to the wonders of Mother Nature simply because they are easily available.

There is hope in the great outdoors because life continues and renews. Seasons may change, but there is always hope for sunnier days. If you find yourself getting caught up in a cycle of sadness or grief, get outside. Take a deep breath. Look at the wonders around you. Be patient with yourself and be forgiving. Most of all, try to be grateful.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have had the opportunity to serve the families of Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati for generations. We have been honored to sit and listen to them through the depths of grief and sadness and have seen them emerge from it.

In your time of need or when pre-planning, we encourage you to reach out to our caring team at Fares J. Radel.

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