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Green Burial? What You Need to Know! March 21, 2019

Green Burial

The funeral industry has undergone significant changes in the over 125 years that Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes have been serving the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. In the last 10 years alone we have seen some major shifts. One of those has been in requests for more “green” or environmentally-friendly burials.

Green burials are those that minimize negative impacts on the environment. They conserve natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, and preserves natural habitats. There are a variety of ways in which burials can become greener. Some families may decide on choosing a few of these paths, others may decide to go as far as possible when planning a green burial. Here are some ways a burial can go green.

Burial in a Green Cemetery or Natural Burial Ground

There are generally three types of green cemeteries. The first is a hybrid cemetery which allows for both traditional and green burials. Green burials allow burial without the use of an outer vault or liner and provides for internment in any type of container. The second type of green cemetery is a natural burial ground which prohibits the use of outside vaults, burial of bodies treated with toxic chemicals and requires burial in a biodegradable container. Natural burial grounds do not use chemical pesticides. The third type is a Conservation Burial Ground and is the strictest of the three.

Use of Biodegradable Materials

Families choosing green burials can consider the use of non-toxic and biodegradable materials in the process. This can include the use of biodegradable caskets or urns. Manufacturers have been responsive to the demand for these products and more choices are available now than ever. Many green burials will also not include concrete vaults or liners. Some families will opt for natural grave markers using engraved stones or planting a tree or shrubbery.

Don’t Use Embalming

Embalming a body is not required by law in either Ohio or Kentucky and families choosing a green burial will often choose to bypass the process. Embalming may be suggested by a funeral director if a viewing will be involved and services will not occur promptly.

Minimized Travel

Green burials will often make every attempt to minimize travel, reducing the use of motor vehicles. Services may take place at a location convenient to those expected to attend, and even digital stream services for those who may not be able to attend.

How We Can Help

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we are committed to providing families in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati with dignified services that meet their wishes. From cremations and traditional burials to celebrations of life and green burials, our professional staff can help you plan personalized final services. We’ll even come to your home to discuss plans. In your time of need or for pre-planning, we would be proud to assist you.

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