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Family Cookbooks and Other Celebration of Life Ideas February 20, 2019

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory we’ve helped generations of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky families mark the passing of a loved one in personal, thoughtful and mostly traditional ways. Many ceremonies are religious-based, and others are more reflective of the personality of the deceased. Growing in popularity over the last decade or so, are what have become to be known as “Celebrations of Life”. What makes these services so interesting is that each is unique and many are breaking barriers of the traditional, somber services of the past.

Celebrations of life are often the wish of the deceased and pre-planned. They reflect the beliefs of the departed that life is meant to be celebrated, and their personal desire is not to cause loved ones more grief than necessary.

Are there are general rules for these celebrations? What are some unique ideas family can use in planning a celebration of life? Here are some observations.

Often They are Held in Non-Traditional Spaces

Rather than a church or even funeral home, more celebrations of life are being held in non-traditional spaces like parks, banquet halls, or even a favorite restaurant or space of the deceased. The remains are seldom present at these celebrations, but picture boards may be plentiful.

Sharing of Pleasant, Meaningful Memories

A common denominator of many such services is the sharing of stories by those who knew the departed best. These stories frequently bring smile, joy and even laughter. They are also dotted with deeply meaningful remembrances and heartfelt thoughts from those who remain.

More Casual Affairs

Often celebrations of life are much more casual than traditional services. These services are meant to place everyone at ease in a manner the departed would have wanted. If an individual wasn’t stuffy, they often don’t desire a funeral to be stuffy.

Celebration of Life Ideas

  • Collages or Picture Boards – A collection of photos showing the loved-one in activities they enjoyed or with family often bring smiles. Encourage not only family members but friends to contribute.
  • A Family Recipe Book – If the departed enjoyed cooking, include some of their recipes, or those of their favorite foods. Family members can contribute a recipe served at meaningful occasions. Be sure to include brief stories of what made the recipe so special for the loved one.
  • Themes – Some celebrations of life are taking on themes from a favorite sports theme or activity or hobby. This theme may be carried out in centerpieces, tablecloth colors or other displays that would be pertinent to their life.
  • Videos – Edited video collages have a unique way of bringing out terrific memories of a loved one. Don’t forget to ask for cell phone videos from those who may have some. A funeral director can put you in contact with a professional to edit your video if no friend or family member has the ability.

Always Respectful

At Fares J. Radel, our staff of caring professionals can help you plan a celebration of life that is joyous, meaningful and respectful. We look after every detail to make sure your wishes and the wishes of the departed are carried out with dignity.

If you are pre-planning your own funeral or are carrying out the wishes of a loved one, we would be honored to help. We will even come to your home if that is helpful for you. Let our family serve your family.

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