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How Technology Influences Funeral Services December 5, 2023


Throughout the generations, Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes has been serving families in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We have been a leader in embracing advancements in our industry.

We were one of the first to use motorized vehicles in the country, we’ve made support animals available, and we built the only privately owned crematory in Greater Cincinnati. We assist families in creating unique yet respectful final services, including celebrations of life.

Today, technology is influencing funerals more than ever, and we have made a commitment to keep pace with and on top of these advancements. Here are just some of the ways technology is impacting funerals.

Video Streaming

With family and friends spread out across the country, it can make attending a final service in person challenging. Video streaming can keep those who can’t attend connected through live or on-demand video services.

QR Codes on Headstones

In the past, headstones, markers, and tombstones were limited in the information that could be shared about the deceased. They generally only contained their name, date of birth and death, spouse or sibling names, and perhaps a small image.

Today, tombstones are available with advanced graphics and detailed images. QR codes take it a step further by providing a link accessible via a smartphone to more detailed information, text, images, and even video and sound. QR codes are now being accepted on tombstones at noted cemeteries like Arlington National.

Online Digital and Social Media Memorials

Many families are quite comfortable facilitating digital and social media memorials. These allow friends and family members to share pleasant memories and photos of a departed loved one. They can also be used to help funnel funds to a favorite charity, memorial fund, or foundation to support a favored cause. Such digital memorials can serve to help separated family members and long-lost friends to digitally reunite.

Multi-Media Presentations

Today, it is easier than ever to put together a meaningful multimedia presentation for the funeral, sharing old photos, home video snippets, and video eulogies. A favorite song is often appropriate as a background. This presentation can also be made available online for those unable to attend or who simply want a copy as a remembrance.

How Can Technology Help You?

At Fares J. Radel, we can use technology like video conferencing to help you plan final services. If you have questions about technology and its place in modern funerals, please feel free to reach out. Whether you are pre-planning or in time of need, our family would be proud to serve your family. With multiple locations throughout the region, choose a Fares J. Radel Funeral Home most convenient to you.

Contact Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky today.

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