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How to Set Realistic Goals to Overcome Grief January 25, 2022

realistic goals for overcoming grief

Overcoming grief can be difficult, in part, because we all experience it differently. How one person works through the grieving process can be far different from another. This is why setting goals that are realistic for you to move past grief can be valuable. Setting realistic goals for yourself allows you to move at your own pace while still being accountable to feeling better.

One way to work your way through the grieving process is to set SMART goals. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-limited.

Here are more specific examples.


The more specific your goals are to overcome grief, the better. Try to limit the time you feel sad every day. If you find yourself listening to music or watching certain shows that make you feel sad, change those habits.


Keep track of your moods every day. Make notes about when you feel sad and what may trigger the sadness. Over the course of time, these triggers may become apparent.


Make sure your goals are achievable so you can experience success and progress in your journey. Make a priority of feeling better a little more each day. Don’t just focus on not feeling sad but on feeling happy in increasingly long increments. Schedule enjoyable activities and visits.


Your goals should not only be achievable but realistic. A goal of “feeling normal and happy in a week” may be unrealistic. You can, however, incrementally increase the time that you feel better each day. Take on a new hobby, get lost in an uplifting book or make a point of contacting some friends you perhaps have lost contact with. It could be helpful to join a support group, visit a therapist or even participate in an online virtual support group or discussion group.


Set a long-term goal of having days when your happiness level exceeds the amount of time when you are feeling sad. While you want your goal to be measurable, be sure to allow yourself room to miss your mark. This is sometimes difficult, but it is an important journey.

While well-intended friends and relatives are sometimes all too willing to share their experiences and advice, overcoming your grief is something that is personal and unique.

Be kind and patient with yourself

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