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Is Cremation Right for My Loved One? January 24, 2019

loved ones cremation planningWhile cremation has grown rapidly in popularity over the past couple of decades, there are still many families unsure of whether cremation is appropriate for their loved one. Cremation is, of course, a very personal decision and may be based on a variety of factors. Why do we cremate the deceased in this day and age? Why do people choose cremation? How can Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory assist you? Here’s a closer look.

Why Do We Cremate Bodies Today?

Cremation has been a popular way to dispose of bodies since ancient times. It was seen as a safe way to dispose of those who had died from plagues and diseases. But why do we cremate bodies today? One of the reasons cremation has become more popular is that many of the religious stigmas placed on it have been relaxed over the years. Many also appreciate that cremation is a more economical way to dispose of a body than traditional burial and more people view it as a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of a body. But there are many reasons people choose cremation.

Why Do People Choose Cremation?

There are a number of reasons individuals pre-planning their own funerals and family members are choosing cremation over a traditional funeral and burial. Here are just some of the reasons.

  • Costs. Depending on what all is included in final services involving cremation, it can save significantly on costs.
  • Flexibility. Cremation offers families more flexibility in when and how final services are conducted. This can be important when family and friends need additional time to travel for final services.
  • Environment. The appeal of cremation for many is that it is considered a “greener” option than a traditional service and burial. Even biodegradable urns are available for those with environmental concerns.
  • Less steeped in tradition. Many families are leaning toward more celebratory final services than the gloomy services of the past. Many view cremations as a departure from those sad ceremonies and a better way to conduct a celebration of life.
  • No burial plot is required. While many still choose to have cremains buried in a cemetery, cremation allows ashes to be kept in an urn with a family member, disposed of at sea or even planted with a tree seedling. Many decide on multiple disposal sites.
  • Can become a part of personal jewelry. Jewelry that uses a small amount of the cremains of a loved one has become a way for family members to feel better connected with a departed loved one. There are a variety of beautiful and tasteful jewelry options available that have become very popular.
  • Many don’t like the thought of burial. Whether it is claustrophobia or a sense of isolation, many people don’t like the thought of being buried in a casket. It is one of the personal reasons we hear from many who are pre-planning their own final services.

How We Can Assist You

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we own and operate Greater Cincinnati’s only privately owned crematorium. When a loved one is entrusted to us, they never leave our possession. We will work with you in preparing a final service that is respectful and designed to suit the needs of your family. Is cremation the choice for you or a loved one? Contact us and talk with one of our professional, caring staff members. Fares J. Radel has been proud to serve families in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for over 125 years.

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