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Smartphone Apps Can Keep Your Brain Fit! February 13, 2019

For many, the New Year brings resolutions of physical fitness and getting our bodies back in shape. But keeping our minds sharp is also important. This too can be done through regular activity and exercise. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and online sites that can help us in keeping our memories and brains fit. Here’s a look at some fun and useful smartphone apps to keep your brain active.

A Clockwork Brain

Challenge your brain through a series of fun puzzle and games designed to keep the mind sharp. Created to enhance memory, dexterity, attention span, language, and reasoning A Clockwork Brain has a whimsical feel about it that adds to its enjoyment. The more you use it the better the results you’ll see!


This free app not only helps improve cognitive function through games and quizzes but helps you maintain a positive state of mind through gratitude journals, positive thoughts, and themes and motivational messages. It serves as a nice digital cheerleader. A happy brain, after all, is a healthy brain.


Eidetic uses spaced repetition to help users learn and remember anything. You’ll have five seconds to solve three puzzles before moving onto the next level. There’s plenty to shoot for as this free app has 98 levels to reach. It is sure to keep you busy and your brain active.

Braingle HD

Braingle HD uses puzzles, riddles and optical illusions to help maintain the sharpness of the brain. It also uses memory and reaction based testing. An added feature of this free app is that you can use it with friends and family to figure out the riddles. It is good for those with a bit of a competitive streak.


Start brain training with this app by taking a short test to set your “Elevate Proficiency Quotient” that serves as your baseline. Users should see improvement in their reading, writing and speaking capabilities as well as focus and memory. Daily sessions are customized for users and a monthly calendar tracks your progress and helps serve to motivate you.


This is one of the most popular brain training apps out there. Users start by taking a test to discover strengths and weaknesses in how their brain is functioning. Over 50 games change daily to improve and track cognitive abilities.

Find Games and Puzzles to Suit You!

A simple search and you’ll also discover a wealth of games like Sudoku, Search Word, math quizzes, trivia, crossword puzzles and more, all designed to keep brains active and fit. Keep in mind that not all apps are free. Others may have a free trial, but will eventually charge a fee. If you are going to spend time on your smartphone, make sure some of that time is being used to keep your mind sharp! Exploring these apps can help.

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